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Being healthy, keeping fit - it's something we all want

Unfortunately it isn't always up to us. We may unexpectedly be confronted with an illness, or the consequences of an accident may have a drastic impact on our life - for a short time or an extended period, and in some cases permanently. Even if we stay fit and healthy our whole life, at a certain age we may need (medical) aids that help us achieve continued quality of our life and our independence.

Fortunately, in addition to medical treatment and care there is Mail & Care, with lots of (medical) aids and tips that can significantly ease the daily life of the user and (informal) care provider. The content of the Mail & Care catalogue follows the rhythm of the day, from the moment of waking up and getting out of bed through to going back to bed at night, and everything in between. Every section features articles that help people to continue living more independently, without assistance.

Mail & Care International | The online store for (medical) aids

Mail & Care International has specialised in all (medical) aids for 40 years. Easy online ordering, affordable prices and fast delivery! We are a mail order company specialising in (medical) aids. All these (medical) aids help to increase independence, allowing the elderly to keep living at home independently for longer.

Throughout the years we have continued to expand our range of (medical) Aids for Daily Living (ADL). The (medical) aids on our website have been carefully selected for you – the highest quality products available.


Mail & Care International’s mission is to meet all consumer needs by offering products of the highest quality at an affordable price.


Mail & Care International aims to be the most comprehensive (medical) aids mail order company in Europe that helps people achieve increased independence.

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